How do I create an account?

To sign up for Ridesurf, click the "Sign Up" link in the top right corner of our website if you are using a web browser, or in the menu of our app. Then fill in your details manually or automatically by syncing with Facebook (you must already have a Facebook account). We will never sell your information or use it for anything other than the use of our app.

How do I create a ride?

To offer a ride, click "Offer Ride" in the menu on the homepage (upper right part of website). If you're in the app, click "Offer a Ride" in the sidebar menu. From here, login (if you haven't already) and then fill out the form with your ride details. A suggested price will automatically be generated. If you want to alter it, click the field and enter your own value. Be sure to enter any relevant details about the ride in the details box, plus an accurate selection for luggage size, leaving time, etc. Be ready to show your valid driver's license and insurance if a passenger asks (it is their right to see it and refusal is grounds for fair ride cancellation).

How do I join a ride?

In the menu select "Find a Ride" and fill out the small form where you will input from where you want to travel to the destination then add a date and the options will be shown to you, select to join the one that you preffer the most and then in the right side you will be able to send a message to the driver to be accepted in the ride. The Driver will approve (or deny) your request and then you will be able to pay the driver, communicate with the driver and complete logistics to make the ride happen.

As a drvier how I get paid?

After the ride has been complete both the passenger and the driver will complete the reviews you will be sent a payment, Payments are sent every Friday.